Tailoring Your Resume For The Job

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Imagine you are the HR director at a company, and you are looking for new employees. You sort through dozens of resumes to find someone to interview. Which ones do you follow up on?

The ones that meet your needs best. This is why you should tailor your resume as much as you can. Here are few tips for doing so.

Review Samples of Job Resumes For Your Desired Job Before You Start

Each profession has its own standard when it comes to resumes, and reading other people's examples shows you what the human resource department is expecting. It will also get you thinking about what you will put in. It might jog your memory about a relevant experience or skill, too, which might just put your resume over the edge. You can search for templates online by typing in your particular industry resume in the search bar.

It may help to check the LinkedIn profiles of people in your field to see how they present themselves. You want to hook potential employers with a good opening and strong action words, and the profiles will give you an idea of what that looks like.

Include Important Keywords 

An increasing number of human resource departments use computer algorithms to whittle down the number of resumes that they need to read. Even if they aren't using an algorithm, people in HR are searching for words that match a particular job ad, which means that generalized buzzwords won't help. Make sure that you use the keywords from the job ad in the resume to make sure that your resume doesn't land in the irrelevant pile.

General Tailoring

Make sure that the resume fits the particular ad you are responding to. It should list what, for that job, is the most relevant and important qualifications first. Tweak your skills and experience sections so that only what matches the job description is included. It's ok to have a boilerplate resume, but every job requires a little tweaking to show potential employers how you would fit in their company.

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