Three Questions You Should Ask Every Job Candidate

Three Questions You Should Ask Every Job Candidate - DMVG Staffing

Interviewing job candidates is an art form. It takes practice and skill to discern whether or not the candidate is just putting up a pleasant interview personality or if they are truly a good candidate for the job.

The best interview questions can cut through the surface level conversation and allow you to see deeper into the candidate's skills and personality. Take a look at these three questions you should ask every job candidate:

How would you handle this situation?

Describe a hypothetical situation to the candidate that they could face if you hired them, and ask them how they would handle it. Ideally, the situation that you choose should be one that has delineated between successful employees and struggling employees in the past. As the candidate role-plays in the situation, you will be able to gauge whether or not the candidate has the skills and knowledge you need for the position.

What are your plans if you aren't hired for this job?

A common question interviewers ask candidates is "why do you want this job?" Although this is an important question, some candidates can give plausible-sounding answers without giving you much insight into their motivations. A better question asks about their plans if they don't get the job. If they are unsure, you know that the candidate probably hasn't been planning his or her job search very well. If they have a clear-cut plan to keep looking for jobs similar to the one for which you are hiring, then you know you have a candidate who is passionate about their field of work.

Describe this job role and its importance.

You want to hire an employee who understands what his or her role in the organization will be. If the candidate can't clearly explain the role that they are interviewing for, then they will likely have problems learning how to function in that role. You might be surprised by the number of people you'll interview who know very little about the position they are applying for. Candidates who have done their homework and researched the company and the position are probably the better candidates.

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