Writing The Job Description That Will Attract The Right Candidates

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A busy company cannot afford to waste time wading through candidates that clearly don't have what you are looking for in terms of talent. The candidates themselves don't want to come to an interview without a clear idea of what they are interviewing for. Using a staffing agency won't keep you from having to write a job description, either, so be sure to write something that defines your needs well.

The question is what do you cover in your job description. Here are the basics:

1. Start off with the job title and its objective. Candidates want to have a good description, such as "I'm here for the administrative job that will support office function," when they come in for the interview. Not to mention, many job searchers hunt for jobs by title, and they filter out jobs by objective summaries. It helps to include a broad description of the function and scope of the job, too.

2. List the key duties. After this, you can list the tasks and the specifications for them. You don't have to be detailed or inflexible, but candidates want to know if they will be 'accepting deliveries,' 'running payroll,' or what. It also helps you refine what you are looking for, and becomes a yardstick to measure your current employees by. It is a good idea to list these functions in order of importance so people know what a good candidate absolutely has to excel at.

3. When you are recruiting for outside help, you should list the location of the job and the equipment that you will use. People want to know if they live near their prospective job and if they will have to learn new skills in order to perform it. Listing the equipment the job requires will decrease the number of people you are interviewing who aren't familiar with key technology, so you save time.

4. Describe the roles in the company. Is the position a supervisory one? Will the new employee be working with a team? Candidates want to know what to expect going in.

Once you have the basics written out, you are half way to finding the right employee. Fortunately, we at DMVG Staffing go great lengths to perfect the recruitment process, so if you want help with your job description, feel free to contact us.


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