Interviewing For Cultural Fit

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The staffing agency lines up plausible candidates for you, but only you can make the final determination about hiring the right person. That is at least partly because you know your company's culture. Companies differ in their management styles, expected hours, and general atmosphere, and what fits one person may not fit another. You don't want to waste time on a person who looked good on paper and interviewed well, but sticks out like a broken wheel.

Here are a few questions that will determine if a prospective employee will work well for your company.


Some companies decide things in a group and do most of the work in teams. Others give general goals that employees have to reach on their own. Ask candidates things such as, "Tell me about a time that you worked on a team project? What was it like?" and "What was a project that you did on your own? What happened?" If you know your company does things together, you are looking for a candidate who lights up when talking about the great things their team accomplished and how they contributed to it. If you don't do much in groups, you want someone who goes into detail about how they developed something with minimal supervision.


If you are a new or fast-paced company, you want to ask, "Have you encountered a situation where you had to prioritize or get many things done on deadline? How did you do it?" You want concrete answers that assure you that the candidate likes a fast-paced environment, and would rather work in a place where things are always changing.

General Culture

Some places are casual and flexible. Others are more formal. It's practically impossible to get a new employee to work well in an environment they don't like, so ask them straight, "What is your best corporate culture? What is your worst?" Listen for where the candidates expectations about what will be rewards, projects, and time overlaps with yours. You can ask them to describe their ideal day to see if they understand what they will be doing, too.

There is no 'one perfect' corporate culture, and every company has its own quirks that make them a good fit for only some employees. DMVG Staffing understands that and will help you find and keep the employees that fit like a well-oiled cog. If you want help finding the perfect worker, contact us.


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