Interviewing: Tips to Reel in The Best Candidate

job interview

Interviewing is a pain for everyone involved. With these tips, however, you can ensure that you have made the most of your time and the interviewee's time.

Put him or her at ease.

More than likely, the person in the chair opposite you is much more nervous about the interview than you are. Be polite and inviting, and try not to be so intimidating that they freeze up and give you false or incomplete answers.

Prepare for the interview. 

If you fail to ask good questions or enough questions, you could fail to hire the best candidate for the job. If the interviewee finds your interview material lacking or flawed, he or she might abandon pursuing the job. Interviews are a chance for candidates to impress you, but it's also a perfect opportunity to show them a bit of how organized and put together you will be as a boss and how the company functions as a whole.

Focus on the right things.

As we all know, people try to present the best of themselves, no matter how much you ask them to explain their flaws or mistakes. That's why it's important to ask follow-up questions. If you ask them a general question, such as "What's a mistake you made in the work place, and how did you fix it?" you should let them focus more on the second part, and if they don't, urge them to. Regardless of how smoothly your company operates, you definitely want problem solvers on your team.

Furthermore, if you company requires a lot of working together, make sure to ask them questions about their ability in that area. You can predict how they will work with others at your company based on how they view their former bosses and coworkers.

Allow time for their questions to be answered. 

As we all do, they will have questions about the position, its level, office atmosphere, your duties, and a plethora of other aspects of the job. Answer them honestly and completely. If they leave without uncertainties, they will feel better about the job, which can work in your favor, especially if they're interviewing for multiple employers.

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