Phrases To Avoid On An Interview

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Interviews involve a certain amount of luck. You double-check your resume, fiddle with your outfit, and practice your very best answers, but you still can't control everything in the interview process. The interviewer will surprise you with odd-ball questions, and you'll wind up groping for the best response. In those situations, it is helpful to know what to avoid saying. Practice not saying these things to improve your odds at your interview.

1. "I don't have any weaknesses" 

The infamous "what's your greatest weakness" question will come up. No one believes that you have no weaknesses, so pick a weakness that will not effect the job you will be doing. Turn it into a strength if you can. "I need to keep busy," is a good one.

2. "I don't know about..." without following up with how you will find out

Your interviewer will ask you about the skills you have, and there will be at least skill or knowledge set that you don't have. That is, you don't have it yet. Practice talking about similar skills and how you look forward to learning new things. "I have practiced with a machine very similar to that," or "I was just about to take classes on that," make you sound like your future boss will have an easy trainee on his or her hands.

As a side note, you never want to admit that you know little about the company or the job requirements. Do a quick internet search for the company before the interview. 

3. "I hated my last boss. He was awful." 

Badmouthing former bosses, co-workers and places of employment bounces back on you. The interviewer is not going to think, "Poor person was picked on by cruel fate." The interviewer will think, "Person might have caused this conflict and definitely sounds like he or she has a bad attitude." 

When a future employer asks, "Who was your worse boss?" or "Why did you leave your last place?" respond with non-accusatory "we differed in opinion on certain topics, but we worked through it," "I was looking for new opportunities," and similarly upbeat responses. Spin it so that no one looks like a villain in your story.

4. "I don't have any questions."

Yes, you do. And they are not 'do I need to take a drug test?' or anything regarding your scheduling or benefits. They are about upcoming projects, the interviewer's experience at the job, or about job specifics.

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