A job offer you can't refuse...

The-Gang-I wanted to talk briefly about choosing the right Recruiter and some of what that may entail...

It's sometimes a bit scary to put your career in the hands of someone else, especially if you are really good at what you do and you really need a job.

Pick an executive recruiter or temporary staffing firm wisely. There is a lot of competition out there and unfortunately not much training. Our philosophy is to really get to know our candidates and befriend our clients....and the money takes care of itself. That is true but I've also had the luxury of setting our own standards and doing it....My Way.

Many Recruiters are poorly trained, inexperienced and forced to live up to ridiculous metrics that can never be consistently obtained. We believe this only creates a poor image for our profession, lacks integrity and hurts the job seeker and the client.

We've heard of many situations where the staffing firm management has put so much pressure on their Recruiter to meet production goals that the Recruiter literally intimidated the candidate into taking a job just to fill their own quota so they don't get fired. TIP: It's not supposed to work like that!

So choose the firm wisely and ask specific questions...

1. What is your process for submitting resumes and will I be informed first?

2. Have you ever met the client where you would like to present me?

3. Will I be kept informed during the process within a reasonable time frame?

4. Will you help me to understand the company culture and really prepare for my interview?

5. Will you assist with my understanding of the offer & benefits and really work on my behalf to make sure this is the right fit for myself and your client?

6. Will you keep in contact with me during the probationary period in-case there are some adjustment issues?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO.....RUN!


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