How to Partner with Your Staffing Firm for Better Results

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Before you contract with a staffing firm, ask yourself this question: Are you ready to help the staffing firm help you? Finding the best employees for your business happens when you and the staffing firm work well and closely together. Here are some strategies for you to consider when building a partnership with your staffing firm.

Determine a reasonable time frame. A good staffing firm will improve your time to hire. Realize, however, that finding the most qualified employee takes a certain amount of time. Work with your staffing firm to clarify your hiring deadline and, at the same time, to understand the time needed by the staffing firm. Arrive at a timeline together.

Define expectations. Give your staffing firm a detailed job description as well as a profile of the right candidate for the job. The more information you provide, the better equipped the staffing firm is to provide results.

Participate in the process. Expect the staffing firm to present you with a well-planned recruiting process. As an active partner in the process, respond promptly to any questions the staffing firm might have. Set aside time to review progress and be ready to interview candidates who are referred to you. Lack of communication may delay results and let high-demand candidates move on to other opportunities.

Share responsibility. If your staffing firm provides high-quality service, the firm will assist with onboarding and evaluation of the new hire. Help the firm to understand your corporate policies, procedures, and processes so that they can streamline the onboarding process for you. Give honest feedback regarding the employee and expect the firm to take responsibility for results.

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