Six Questions You Should Ask When Choosing a Staffing Firm

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Businesses that partner with a staffing firm can benefit from the company's superior hiring expertise and lower recruitment costs. However, how can a business know that they are choosing the best staffing firm?

Here are six of the right questions to ask when selecting a staffing firm:

  • What are your specialties? The answer is most relevant if you need someone with specific industry training or skills. You also want a staffing firm that understands your industry's needs and challenges.
  • How do you recruit and screen employees? A good sign of quality is if the company uses several proven recruitment methods. However, if it uses techniques that your business already found unsuccessful, you may want to look elsewhere. Staffing firms that conduct background or drug screenings, as well as skill tests, are more likely to submit reliable employees.
  • How soon can you accommodate staffing needs? If your business faces a large project with too few employees, or if a regular worker is suddenly unavailable, you may need to hire someone quickly. Make sure the staffing firm can work fast enough, with a talent pool large enough, for your requirements.
  • How do you measure client and employee satisfaction? A staffing firm should give you more than just testimonials. Because past performance can predict your future satisfaction, you should ask for recent client and employee satisfaction scores. Asking about internal turnover can also give you a glimpse into the company itself.
  • What other services does the agreement include? You should expect to get your money's worth with a staffing firm--which goes beyond the individual workers you receive. Ask whether the staffing firm provides additional HR services such as payroll support, insurance and safety procedures, and flexible contract terms.
  • How is this firm treating me? You should consider not only the answers you get from a staffing firm, but how they provide those answers. Staffing agencies should address your questions and concerns with a professional, courteous attitude. The management style often reflects the quality of their employees.

If partnering with a staffing firm is in your company's future, contact us! DMVG Staffing assumes responsibility for the design, management, and results of the recruitment process to ensure you have the best experience with your hires.


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