The Price Is Right: How to Partner With your Staffing Firm to Determine Hourly Wages

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Are you experiencing a skills gap or labor shortage in your industry? Knowing how to partner with your staffing firm can help you attract and keep the workers you need by offering competitive hourly wages.

A professional staffing firm has a bird's-eye view of the labor market. The firm can tap into salary research on the national, state, and local level. If your starting salary is considerably lower than what competitors are offering, you -- and the staffing firm -- will struggle to attract applicants.

That said, a professional staffing firm will also offer advice on benefits that, in addition to salary, are important to today's applicant. The highest starting salary alone is not enough to attract and keep the people you want.

A slightly lower starting hourly salary can be offset by medical benefits, vacation, holiday pay, and retirement plans -- benefits that are important for both recruiting and retention.

In addition, your staffing firm can help you assess your company's supplemental benefits -- company culture, in-house training, advancement opportunities. 

Today's unemployment rate means marketing, not just posting, open positions. Professional staffing firms stay current with the latest marketing strategies -- how to post, what to post, where to post.  The staffing firm will not only recruit employees for you; in a productive partnership, the staffing firm will market your company to the most promising applicants.

When you sit down with your staffing firm to discuss an open position, be ready to discuss not only what you need, but also what you have to offer. Be ready and willing to listen to the staffing firm's knowledge of the labor market for your industry. 

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