4 Ways to Better Partner With Your Staffing Firm

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When it comes to working with a staffing agency, it is important to build a solid relationship founded in good communication. By following these 4 tips, your business can flourish and have a successful relationship with your staffing firm.

  1. Understanding Your Staffing Firm: Once you have selected a staffing firm to partner with, it is important to get to know them. You should know the geographic range that the firm covers, if they specialize in certain cities or urban areas, or if they are a national firm with local offices. It also helps to understand the firm's size and if their services best meet the staffing needs of your business. Consider talking to the firm's current clients to get references and gather more information about the firm.
  2. Partner With One Staffing Firm: Working with one staffing firm is cost-effective, gives you access to a pool of candidates customized for your industry, and allows you to have one point of contact for all your staffing needs. By making this one partnership a priority, you will increase the staffing firm's loyalty and dedication to the goals of your business.
  3. Communication is Key: Good communication is the foundation of every successful relationship. It is important to have ongoing conversations with your staffing firm about your staffing needs and goals. You should schedule regular check-ins to give your firm both positive and negative feedback about candidates. This constant communication will make the staffing firm more successful and allow you to receive the best possible candidates for your open positions.
  4. Have Reasonable Time Frames: Another important factor to communicate with your staffing firm is the time frame for your staffing needs. If someone is going on maternity leave, for example, you should give your staffing firm notice as soon as you know when the person is leaving. This way your staffing firm has plenty of time to find you the best candidate for the job, as opposed to the first candidate that becomes available.

Having a relationship with your staffing firm, rooted in solid communication and ongoing updates, will greatly benefit your business. It will also allow you to build a partnership with your staffing agency that provides you with qualified candidates for your industry and help the staffing agency grow and learn. For more information on staffing needs for your business, contact us today.


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