How Adding New Blood To Your Team Can Be Beneficial


There are some obvious reasons to hire new people: You are routinely falling short of your goals and everyone is getting a lot of overtime. However, there other benefits to having new people on your team that go beyond this.

1. The new recruit brings new aptitudes to your team.

If you have just changed some of the technology you use regularly in your work, your employees are probably finding the transition a little bumpy. Old employees who have always done something one way have trouble adjusting their habits to meet the new demands. A new employee comes in with no preconceived habits to break. This is especially true of younger new-comers, who grew up surrounded by technology and adapt to new software quickly.

Beyond technology, new employees bring habits from their old place, some of which improve your bottom-line.

2. Gives You The Inside Scoop

No one is spying or anything. It's just that employees coming from another company sometimes talk about their daily activities at the old job. This gives you an insight into the other company's inner workings. This can let you find other potential recruits, and it lets you know what the other people in your industry are trying (and whether the thing they are trying is succeeding.)

3. Announcing that you are hiring says that you are growing.

If you need more people, your company is getting a lot of business. At least, that is a fair inference for other people to make. It spreads brand awareness to people looking for open positions, who will then mention the business to friends. It is an indirect way of making your company look stronger.

4. New people can implement new things without stepping on toes.

No one likes to admit it, but office politics can slow innovation down as old 'enemies' push against suggestions from people they have a history with. New hires bypass that because they haven't annoyed anyone yet. Their ideas look fresh, and no one can accuse them of wanting to maneuver other employees out of favor.

DVMG Staffing goes out of its way to not only find you great recruits, but to design the recruitment process in a way that maximizes results. If you would like to get the best out of your new blood, contact us. We want to be there for your staffing needs.


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