Team Building: 3 Tips for Success

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One of the most important parts of running a business is having a staff full of competent and positive employees. Happy, productive employees excel at their jobs and help the business succeed. A critical step in having a well-oiled team is incorporating team building into the company culture. Team building is a great way to inspire your employees, and reward them for their loyalty to your company. The following are 3 excellent tips for your next team building exercise. 

  1. Offer Unique Incentives: An excellent way to boost productivity and increase employee retention rates, is to offer rewards and incentives to those employees who put forth their best effort and are consistently team players. While raises and promotions are great, there are many other rewards far more effective. For example, if your sales team meets or exceeds their goals, offer all the employees special rewards like leaving early on a Friday or having catered food brought in for the day. Rewarding your team should not only be a yearly occurrence, but a series of ongoing gestures that shows everyone they are valuable, and critical to the success of the company.  
  2. Acknowledge How Valuable Your Team Is: Being a valued employee is one of the most crucial factors in employee retention. According to the American Psychology Association, half of employees who say they do not feel valued, intend to find a new job. 93% of those polled said that being valued at work encourages them to do their best work. Next time you have a team building exercise, recognize how valuable your employees are, and give everyone the opportunity to praise their co-workers. Let this be an opportunity for your team to bond and build each other up. 
  3. Get Out of the Office: While it may seem counterproductive, have your team building exercises outside of the office. Plan a field trip to a new location where your team can get a break from their cubicles, and stretch their legs. Also, remember that not all team building has to be directly worked related. Often times the best way to foster productivity is to allow your team to have fun and bond over non-work related topics. Schedule some friendly competitions like a bake-off or basketball game to engage employees, while building team morale. 


The heart of any business is its employees. Show your employees how valuable they truly are by incorporating these tips into your next team building event. For more information on employee retention or team building, please contact us today!


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