Why It's Important to Promote from Within Your Organization

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As a Human Resources worker, your job is keep the company filled with knowledgeable, good workers who help your company keep progressing and fulfilling its goals. However, whenever someone leaves your company, they open up a vacancy that must be filled in order to keep operating at peak efficiency.

But an important question usually pops up at that point: Do you hire out and bring in new talent, or do you promote from within the company? After all, new talent can bring new ideas to the table, but promoting from within is often a good idea. Here are a few reasons why promoting from within your organization is important:

  • It minimizes office drama. No one likes feeling that they got passed over for a promotion, especially after working for a company for a long time. Hiring out is certain to upset some employees, which will hurt your company's productivity, too.
  • New employees don't know the ropes. Promoting from within allows people with knowledge of your company and a job's roles to move up, letting everything move more smoothly. You can always hire out to fill the newly vacant lower level position, which is easier and better for the company.
  • Promoting from within builds relationships with employees. High employee turnover is bad for morale and for the bottom line. If your workers know that they will get promoted in your company, they are more likely to stay, saving you money in the long run.
  • Promoting from within can be cheaper. Rather than competing for talent and driving up prices, just offering a job (often with a slightly lower rate than the market offers) to an employee can save you money.

A good staffing firm and plan can help your company thrive. If you have any questions about staffing opportunities or best practices, simply contact us here


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