3 Onboarding Techniques That Contribute to Team Building

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When building a productive and cohesive team of employees, successfully adding a new employee to the equation can potentially decrease turnover rates and strengthen coworker relationships. When a new hire is welcomed and shown appreciation from day one and existing employees are relied on as an integral part of the onboarding process, it is beneficial to the workplace atmosphere.

Clarify Expectations

Creating a hospitable atmosphere for a new employee begins directly after an offer is accepted. Once they accept the position, both verbalizing and providing a written reminder of the expectations for their first day on the job will instantly forge an open line of communication. If they have a list of equipment the are expected to bring, any dress code descriptions, and a clear timeline of what will be happening upon their arrival a new hire will feel more confident and prepared, which is ideal for integrating them into the team.

Be Prepared

Preparation for both the new hire and the existing employees will benefit them both and allow for a faster acclimation on both sides. Introducing a new employee to those they will be working alongside will help them connect names to faces and their role within the company. When no one is taken by surprise they will be more productive and the morale of the team will not be compromised. New hires feel more welcome and existing employees feel inclusion in the process which is important for team building.

Streamline Paperwork

The first thing most new employees do when they officially begin their employment is to fill out any required paperwork for the company. Completing I-9s, W-4s and signing countless other forms can be time-consuming, especially if there is any confusion about the purpose of each form or where signatures belong. Streamlining this process will allow more time for introductions and tours, and allow the new hire to begin work more quickly. Try flagging required signature locations with Post-its or highlighting paperwork sections that need to be filled out. It is also helpful to separate papers into readable content and those requiring written information or signatures beforehand. 

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