How to Make the Relationship With Your Staffing Agency Work

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As a business, you're always trying to save money. Engaging in a relationship with a staffing firm will help you with this. After all, you won't pay for a HR professional you don't need working for you full-time. However, this is only good news if you know how to make the relationship with your staffing agency work.

Look for Insider Expertise

You'll get the greatest benefit from working with a staffing firm that specializes in your business' niche. Typically, such an agency's recruiters once worked in positions similar to what they're recruiting for. This "inside knowledge" helps ensure well-matched employees at a quicker, more accurate rate.

Be Direct Regarding Your Needs

Make sure you're clear with your requirements and timetable for onboarding. Take this a step further by inviting your staffing agency to visit your workplace helps them have a better understanding of your culture, environment, and who will excel here.

Establish Follow-Up

You need to keep your recruiter well-informed when your requirements change. Then once you onboard a new employee, make sure you review the employee's progress several times with the staffing agency. How they respond here will tell you whether you should sever ties with them.

Use the Agency's Resources

If your staffing agency offers training and resources to their candidates, encourage your employees to make use of them. This allows them to augment their on-the-job skills while benefiting your business from the new training they've received.

When you're ready to establish this type of relationship with a staffing firm, contact us. We really do look forward to working with you.


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