Some Job Descriptions Will Lose You Qualified Candidates

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It is sometimes helpful when writing a job posting to know what not to write. There are some job descriptions that fail to define your needs, scare away good candidates, and generally put your company in a bad light. Here are a few things to avoid if you want to get highly qualified candidates:

1. Skipping Key Information

A job description should include a salary range, a list of the main duties and roles involved, the location that the work will be done in, and the job objective. Job seekers are wary of companies that fail to provide this information because it leaves them open to nasty surprises. They also would prefer succinct and concrete descriptions the duties and roles. Vague and general statements hide what the job will entail just as easily as omitting the information all together.

2. Unrealistic Expectations

You might want to ask your current employees about what qualifications a candidate needs. While you may want a person with 10 years of experience in the relative field, demanding that much eliminates lots of qualified people and makes your company look out of touch if 2 years is probably much closer to the amount of experience a person actually needs to do the job. 

3. Adding Qualifications That Are Not Demanded By The Job

Be very careful to avoid words or descriptions that aren't related to the actual work. If a person doesn't need to stand to do the job you want, there is no reason to make that a qualification in your job description. It unnecessarily narrows your choice of candidates.

4. Poor Grammar and Spelling

Remember to proofread the job description before posting it. It reflects poorly on your company if employees can't write a declarative sentence without typos, and raises suspicions in a candidate's mind about the seriousness of your company.

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