Defining Your Needs Before Writing Your Job Description

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Preparation is key to hiring the right person. You need to have a very clear idea of your needs so you can define them to the HR department. This is more complicated than it sounds, though. Before you sit down to write out your job description, there are things to do that will bring your needs in to focus.

1. Talk To The People In That Position About The Job Requirements

The people who best know what a job requires are the people who are doing it right now. They will know the abilities that they had to learn and they will know what sort of qualities an employee needs.

This can help you skip a few traps. It can be easy to ask that applicants have experience in too narrow a field (such as 1 year in the position you are hiring for,) but your employees will likely be able to name some similar positions that will provide similar experience. It can also be easy to insist on a particular degree or certificate when your employees can tell you that it is more important to have certain skills.

2. Skim Job Descriptions For Your Industry

This will help you identify the buzzwords used to describe job duties. It can act as a handy reference guide, both for the language that works, and the language that doesn't. Read the job descriptions from the point of view of the candidate: if you were looking for a job, would you want to apply for the position being advertised? Does this description really match what you would be doing? What you want?

It also will show you industry standards. What is the going rate for a warehouse worker or an administrative assistant in your area? You will want to establish what would constitute a competitive offer.

Once you have done these 2 things, write out a rough draft, then show it to the people in HR and the people in the actual position. Both should be able to understand the job description. If you have the approval of both, you can write out your final draft and post it.

Hiring requires lots of preparation, and DMVG knows this. This is why we provide a full recruitment service. If you are starting the hiring process and need help with the job description or anything else, contact us. We'll set you on the right footing.


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